Aktia Alexander Corporate Finance


We offer independent high-end consultation services for valuations of companies, businesses, assets and financial instruments by utilizing the deep knowledge and experience of our personnel. We have long-term experience on valuations and a deep knowledge of valuation procedures and theories.

M&A valuations

We carry out valuations for the owners, management and board of directors (first/second opinion). Valuation can be a separate process or part of an M&A process. We have conducted valuations for listed and private companies operating in several business areas and industries.

M&A projects often involve critical decisions from the perspective of shareholder value. As a result, valuations require not only a deep understanding of valuation methods, but also the ability to analyze the business from various angles and to understand the risks involved.

Asset valuation according to IFRS

We have specialized in valuations concerning special issues of the IFRS standards and in issues requiring deep understanding of valuation. We act independently from the large auditing firms.

Typical cases in which we advise our clients are:

  • Carrying out or advising in impairment tests (IAS 36)
  • Purchase price allocation related to M&As, including the ability to value intangible assets
  • Defining the WACC and its components, which requires the ability to quantify the risk factors

Fairness opinions

We provide fairness or second opinions about the value of a company or a business in different types of situations:

  • M&A – on behalf of one or both of the parties
  • Share redemptions
  • Combination of share classes
  • Statements required by public authorities
  • Redemptions of minority shares


Additional information on valuations:

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  • Timo Nuutilainen, Tel. +358 40 5225467