Aktia Alexander Corporate Finance

Initial Public Offerings

We act as the lead manager in listings on the Official List and on the First North marketplace of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. We coordinate the whole listing process from beginning to end, including e.g.:

  • Preparing the listing plan and timetable
  • Building the investment story and preparing investor presentations
  • Valuation of the company and forming a view of the issue pricing
  • Assisting in preparing the prospectus
  • Preparing terms, releases and legal documents in the required extent
  • Marketing and selling of the shares to institutional and retail investors
  • Acting as the subscription place, including an internet based subscription system

Our broad and comprehensive familiarity with institutional investors and other investor groups ensures the selling power in an initial public offering. ACF’s own, internet based subscription system allows for a broad participation of retail investors in the offering, as well.

We are a Certified Adviser approved by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. As a Certified Adviser, we assist companies listing on the First North marketplace with the application process, organization of governance and compliance with the rules of the marketplace.


Additional information on initial public offerings:

  • Jaakko Niemelä, +358 50 549 5501
  • Timo Nuutilainen, +358 40 522 5467